Eberron Intrigue

The Forgotten Forge

sharn city of towers. discovery of the body of BONAL GELDEM of morgrave university. fight with cutter now dead. watch intervenes and sgt DOLOM (dwarf) is befriended. Broken Anvil next morning meet ELAYDREN D’VOWN of house cannith faction in Aundir. Relic to be retrieved 7 pointed adamantine star. en route encounter merchant and member of major sharn gang SKAKAN. fight with two shifters and a warforged followed by a trapped door. next encounter beetle swarm and horrid rats followed by discovery of ruined temple to ONATAR. house cannith foundry, three iron defenders, trapped safe and keys. SABER’s ambush and escape. on exit introduced aton mejrats and csvargo to party as replacement for tufir via encouter with SKAKAN and thugs turning skakan informant



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